Kehila : "Beith Etz Chaim"
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Jewish Food During The Spanish Inquisition

·         Recommended Links:

·         Jewish Community of Huanuco Kehila: Beith Etz chaim  :  (spanish)

·         The World Union for progressive Judaism (WUJP):

·         Latin America (WUJP) :

·         Bechol Lashom:

·         Kulanu:

·         Baalei Tefila:

·         Jews for Judaism:

·         Shavei israel:

·         Here is a great site by It has a great Counter-Missionary section:

·         Our friend Rabbi Aaron Schwarzbaum has a really great site: Torah Life and Living

·         We also recommend this website by Rabbi Stuart Federow: 

·         This comprehensive website is by Michoel Drozin: Their Hollow Inheritance.

·         Messiah Truth has many resources and lots of reading.

·         This is the Yad L'Achim site in both English and Hebrew.

·         Handbooks:

·         This short and easy to read handbook is used by us as well as Jews for Judaism. It was written by rabbi Bentzion Kravtiz.

·         Here it is in several other languages includingSpanish, Hebrew, Russian, and Portuguese.

·         These great downloads include "Answering Dr. Brown's Objections to Judaism", "Guide to Missionary Tactics", and many others

·         Rachel-Esther bat-Avraham has provided this excellent  Counter-Missionary Guide.




·         Is The Christian Movement Called "Messianic Judaism" a Form of Judaism? Written by Gerald Segal    

·         Missionary Claims & Jewish Responses. Written by Gerald Segal 



Kehila : "Beith Etz Chaim"
Be'chol Lashon
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